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Albums for sale on the site: All Wrapped Up This Christmas - A mix of Christmas songs, perfect for Christmas fireside listening & egg nog in the northern hemisphere or a Christmas barbecue in the southern hemisphere. This album has been heard from Auckland to Seattle, and, like a good Christmas tree, it's a real charmer. The Spirit Within - A mix of Josh Groban-esque songs to soothe the aching soul. Finding My Own Voice - Rob's first solo album of original songs. Ten adult contemporary songs for the intellectual mind. Coming soon! Curtains & Cameras, Act I - A mix of songs from stage and screen. Coming soon! HouseBroken, Vol. I - Rob's foray into the house genre with DJ Cuebur. Coming soon!


Rob Rodell: All Wrapped Up This Christmas


Rob Rodell: The Spirit Within

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Want to get one of Rob's songs via your mobile device? Simply sms (text) the code next to the song to 3 33 33 in order to download it. The price is R16.99 per track. Currently only available in South Africa, but this will change... Please note that the following terms & conditions apply: Please ensure bill payer’s permission before requesting any content or using any of the advertised services. eXactmobile may contact you with offers or information by SMS or MMS. To opt out, sms STOP SMS to 36175 (50c/sms). Wap enabled handset required. Free & bundled SMSes do not apply. Errors billed. Full T&C at All rights reserved Exact Mobile (Pty) Ltd. Handset Compatibility & Support Tel: 0822 302 222 (VAS Rates, Free minutes do not apply). ALBUM: THE SPIRIT WITHIN (An album of cover versions, recommended if you like Josh Groban or Andrew Lloyd-Webber) 28464666 Rob Rodell You raise me up 28464667 Rob Rodell Time to say goodbye 28464668 Rob Rodell For always 28464669 Rob Rodell When you say you love me 28464670 Rob Rodell To where you are 28464671 Rob Rodell Love changes everything 28464672 Rob Rodell The prayer 28464673 Rob Rodell Pie Jesu 28464674 Rob Rodell You're still you ALBUM: FINDING MY OWN VOICE (An album of original music, recommended if you like Sting or Elton John) 28464677 Rob Rodell If I could 28464678 Rob Rodell Forever 28464679 Rob Rodell No regret 28464680 Rob Rodell Could this be love (this is NOT the house remix) 28464682 Rob Rodell Love in e 28464683 Rob Rodell You're out of my league (but I like the challenge) 28464684 Rob Rodell Catalina 28464685 Rob Rodell Last port of call 28464686 Rob Rodell Ave Maria (come back to me)