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Rob Rodell: Links

Namwaaka is the singer-songwriter duo that Rob is a part of.
Singers Inc.
This is Rob's business side of the music. All of Rob's music is released through his indie label, Singers Inc. Rob also teaches vocals and consults on the music industry. Please visit the site for more details.
The Rob Rodell Blog
An additional blog detailing Rob's journey as a singer-songwriter and artist.
The Music Business Academy
Nelson Mandela said that education is the best weapon with which to change the world. With that in mind, The Music Business Academy seeks to empower people about the music industry by arming them with knowledge. Various courses are on offer at The Music Business Academy, run in conjunction with Rob's Singers Inc. label. Short courses are presented such as an introduction to the music industry, music marketing, trends affecting the rapidly-changing music industry, and songwriting courses for beginners and more advanced writers.
Rob Rodell @ Myspace
Listen to or download free music from Rob's upcoming album, due for release in 2008.
Namwaaka @ Myspace
Listen to music from Rob's singer-songwriter duo with Tzipora of Namwaaka. Afro-Pop fare at its best!
The (other) Rob Rodell Blog
This is Rob's blog written in conjunction with Rob's new book, entitled "Sing Till You're 108!" The book is an inspiring read for anyone who wants to learn how to sing. With tips and detail on the technical side of singing, and a motivational element to encourage people to follow their dream and their passion, the blog and the book make for indispensable reading on exactly how to become a singer - or become an even better one...
Music Business in the Emerging World
This blog is a resource for artists in the emerging world - how are the trends affecting the developed world relevant to the developing world?
My First YouTube Post!
I have finally boken my YouTube virginity and posted...