Marketing Consulting

Rob Rodell

When not making and releasing music, Rob has been heavily involved in the marketing field. With 25 years of experience as a marketing expert and 3 degrees (2 more on the way, including a PhD), he has helped several companies with their marketing function.

He has compiled marketing strategies and conducted research (both of which have had an impact on businesses worth billions of dollars), and helped to build a number of brands with strategic brand management and marketing.

Below please find a few of the companies, big and small, that Rob has assisted in the past:

  • The Public Investment Corporation (PIC)
  • Primedia Lifestyle
  • DHMC
  • LGIT Smart Solutions
  • Microsoft
  • Ilze Alberts
  • Asset Publishing
  • Annique
  • Mactron Systems
  • Tedcor
  • Bafute

For a quote or a consult, please mail Rob: