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Rob Rodell: Music

No Regret

(Rob Rodell)
August 25, 2010
I've never seen myself as a morbid soul - I don't easily get depressed and I'm not a typical melancholic musician - but this side of me always seems to come out in my songwriting - maybe that's because it needs to balance the gregarious extroverted me.

I started writing this song in January 2010, after reading up and being inspired by how prolific Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus are in their writing - they're the genius team behind ABBA.

I really often feel that I wasted 20 years of my life NOT doing music, and it eats away at me all the time. But I keep reminding myself that I wasn't ready for a music career 20 years ago, and I know I am grateful that I studied not just music, so that I have the skills to earn a living outside of it if I'm flat broke! But that also sometimes give you an out, which is a bad thing. Still, I don't wanna be poor all my life. These are tough life choices!

This song is meant to cheer me up, despite its ballady tempo, and caution me about what Tony Robbins says: in 20 years' time, you'll still be 20 years older. Will you choose to forget the past and move forward towards your dreams so that you don't have even more regret in 20 years' time?

I think every person has regret - but I also think it's how you manage it that counts.
20 years from now, you and I will both be 20 years older, if we're around at all...
So when I'm 90, sitting in my rocking chair, I hope and pray that I will say

No regret, I don't wanna be afraid anymore, no regret, no no no

I've already spent too much time livin' life without meaning, but that's about to change
'Cause we were meant to fulfil our destinies, to live out our purpose, so we can say

No regret, I'm not gonna be afraid anymore, no regret, no no no