Music Business Courses

Rob Rodell

Rob owns and runs The Music Business Academy (MBA), a school that was born of the need to teach music students about the music business. Through his association with Soul Candi, Soul Candi Institute of Music, UJ, Vega, Wits, Boston, The Global School of Business, LISOF, The School of Business & Technology and Ibilion Music (Jonathan Shaw), Rob has lectured thousands of students on marketing and also on the music biz, including DJ Shimza, Cuebur, Producer 041 and DJ Obvie McLee.

Although MBA initially focused on music business courses only, the offering has now been extended to both music production and DJ'ing, in conjunction with partners Cuebur and Mark Watson/Brainwave Music.

All music business students will be required to procure a copy of the textbook for any of the courses. This is included in the course fees. Also available from Amazon here:

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