Rob Rodell

Cuebur and Rob Rodell, who scored a House hit with the track “Could This Be Love” that tore up the airwaves and the dance floors and was certified gold in terms of sales, have collaborated again on a new House track called “Desperate.”

“Desperate chronicles the love-hate relationship between two people,” explains SAMA nominee Rob Rodell. “The words speak about how an infatuation becomes a recipe for heartache over someone that you are desperately in love with, that you will eventually hate – both because they dominate your thoughts and you are totally in love with them, and because they have such power over you. We’ve all had those people we just couldn’t get out of our heads, because we were just crazy about them. This song speaks to that part of every human being, because we have all experienced that. It’s like Swedish House Mafia collaborating with Adele on one of her heartbreak ballads,” Rodell concludes.

The song forms part of an album that’s being dropped by Cuebur. The talented producer and DJ has been making great music for over a decade, scoring his first hit with Pepe. His name has been attached to several hits since and he is a force on the local House scene.

“Desperate” was released on Rob's 2013 "House Broken" album, with the new remix by Cuebur currently doing the rounds. For more info, please check out: