Rob Rodell

Just finished a high school music reunion with my music teacher and some guys from school. Hard to believe I finished 20 years ago this year! My music teacher, the wonderful Moira Schäfer, reminded me of our final assembly at school (St. Stithians), where I sang The Holy City in the chapel in front of 500 boys. I didn't remember this (probably too nervous), but she said that after I had finished, the entire chapel stood up to give me a standing ovation, and what a victorious moment it had been for me (my school years can best be described as "difficult"). Tonight I sang The Holy City again, probably the first time since I sang it at my dad's funeral 11 years ago. What a beautiful piece of music. Thank you Moira, for being such an inspiration all these years. I'm glad I followed in your footsteps and decided to do music as a career. I have never been happier. Was also great to see all the old boys (never thought I'd say that...): Mike Aitken, Stuart Miller, Richard Kyte, Murray Masterson. We actually had a proper reunion a few months ago - this was just another catch-up. Thanks for organising, Mike! Great fun as always. Musica, grata Deo.