Rob Rodell

I recently took a long, hard look at my music career. I've had some victories, I've had some defeats. I'm older, and I hope I'm wiser.

But it became acutely apparent that I have been neglecting my website for FIVE long years, while attempting to run my music career. Last year I ran into a chap who said to me, "Your website is out of date." Ouch. He was right.

During 2017, I made a decision that I would change that. So, this is my first post on my website in five years. Shameful. How can I call myself a professional musician? Yes, I have steadily worked over those years. My last blog entry spoke of my 8th album release. By the end of this year, I will be on my 15th release. In that respect, I am pleased with my growth.

But, may it be that I never let go to seed ever again.