Rob Rodell

2010 has been an amazing year, and I'm so grateful to be alive, and to be doing what I love. This year I made some of the biggest money I have ever made from music, so it just goes to show you that it's true - if you follow your passion, the money will find you. Not that it was easy or always pleasant, but as John Demartini says, you will endure both pain and pleasure in the pursuit of your highest values, which are determined by your biggest voids. Aside from getting Kiri now at the end of the year - our new beautiful little Labrador puppy to add to our 13 other dogs - one of my highlights this year was the remix of one of my songs by a really talented producer and a well-connected DJ, which was playlisted on a major radio station in Johannesburg. Bring on more of that in 2011!!! Some of my goals for the new year: 1. Write some amazing music that really serves people. 2. Finish and release more albums - and have greater success getting some CDs into stores. 3. Sell some downloads! 4. Get heaps more radio airplay. 5. Do a stint on radio as a presenter. 6. Get onto TV so that I can shamelessly self-promote my brand. 7. Make some amazing award-winning music videos. 8. Increase my international connections. Whatever you wish for yourself in 2011, may all your dreams and goals come true. HAPPY NEW YEAR!