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Rob Rodell

Sometimes your body needs a doctor. Sometimes, so does your business.

Have you ever met a human being who has NEVER been to the doctor? It’s highly, highly unlikely.

The truth is, our bodies, as amazing as they are, are sometimes in need of some TLC. The body is made up of systems, and when they all function together, the body is healthy.

Okay, we know you’re busy, so let’s cut to the chase:

  • The computer is modelled on the human brain.
  • The submarine is modelled on the fish, with its principles of ballast.
  • The piston of the internal combustion engine is modelled on the leg, which is designed to move us forward.
  • The aeroplane is modelled on the bird, especially in terms of how the wing produces lift.
  • The business is modelled on a body system, like the cardio-vascular system.

When all the elements of the system work, your business flows. But if part of the system is not functioning, then the business suffers.

One of the biggest challenges of a business is the ability to see it objectively. When you’re at the coalface every day, it’s sometimes important to step away from the fray and look with an impartial mindset. When things don’t work, a fresh pair of eyes is maybe what you need, to help you gain some perspective, to look holistically, to develop “helicopter vision.”

That’s where Business Doctors can lend you a hand…

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