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The ultimate home for entertaining

This sumptuous 4-bedroom place with main en-suite bathroom and study is the perfect accoutrement to an upwardly mobile lifestyle. If your address needs to impress, this fab find in a cul-de-sac in Bryanston is ideal.

With a large dining room adjacent the patio with pool, you could easily accommodate up to 40 people with canapés and cocktails. You need to seal that business deal in a digs that lives up to your graft, and it’s time to call this home, baby!

Where is real estate headed?

With rising fuel costs, hot desking and agile work spaces, and the proliferation of smart technology, people – especially in a Johannesburg context – are looking to streamline their lives, both in terms of money and time. The closer a home can be to both work and school, the better – and if mom or dad can multi-task by dropping the kids off at school on the way to an appointment, so much the better.

Because of this, homes have to be conveniently located, while also embracing the “away-from-work” work trend. Is it possible to use part of the lounge as a home office, or does a study still do the trick? What about space to hold business meetings, if required, in a space that is separate from the rest of the house?

Globally, the trend is also towards smaller, while in a local context gated communities are viewed as the safer option, with shared facilities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool and other amenities.

For the perfect solution to your specific need, contact Mariska Hamel Realty. She’s just the right person to find your ideal space.

What makes Mariska Hamel Realty different?

There is still a perception that selling property is both easy and glamorous. Actually, it is neither – and yet, we all need a place where we can lay our heads down to rest in the evening.

The first thing that Mariska brings to the table is a long and proven track record. If it’s longevity you want, Mariska has it in spades. She has been successfully selling homes and broking property for over a decade already.

The second thing is understanding. Mariska really cares about her clients, and seeks to help them find the best possible solution to their problem, whether they are buying or selling. Anybody who has heard her talk knows that she cares about helping people find their new abode.

Finally, Mariska works with the best. As part of Keller Williams, an international brand which is also the largest real estate company in the world, Mariska is at the helm of her profession, in an organisation which is at the helm of theirs.

Give Mariska a try. We doubt that you’ll be anything other than impressed.

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