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Rob Rodell

We all know the famed fable of Cinderella, who, with the help of the Fairy Godmother, was transformed from the dowdy charlady into the shining belle of the ball.

What we don’t know is that she had the help of Elzaan Ahlers, the owner of Enchanté, 1 of just 3 beauty salons in Johannesburg that offers the revolutionary Lift-O-Form Pressotherapy Machine.

Elzaan’s fancy machine assists the body’s detoxification process by aiding with lymphatic drainage. In doing so, it oxygenates and revitalises organ tissue to drain away stress, clean toxins out of the body from a lack of sleep and eating on auto-pilot, and promotes better blood circulation. As a result, the legs, arms and tummy become more shapely, while the skin glistens like it’s been freshly polished.

If you were ever considering a pampering for yourself or someone you love, now is the time. Hitch your horse to that pumpkin and pop along to Enchanté for some relaxation, slimming, a detox and muscle toning all in one. It’s the perfect gift for moms this Mother’s Day – at a really good price.

Make an appointment with Elzaan on 082 217 2482. We suspect it will dramatically decrease the number of frogs you have to kiss, in order to find your prince – or princess! Who says Prince Charming didn’t have Enchanté on speed dial?

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