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Rob Rodell

Turning the tide on drugs and alcohol in South Africa

Walt runs an organisation dedicated to helping women escape the damaging cycle of drugs and alcohol, by offering them a viable life alternative. The objective is to raise money for ladies who want to go into rehab but who cannot afford it.

Currently, there is no rehab facility offering specialised care for ladies who find themselves in a dire predicament, burdened with the disease of addiction. In 80% of cases, these women are victims of emotional, physical or sexual abuse, or all three.

The end goal is to start opening ladies-only facilities where they can get the help and support they so desperately need, in a nurturing and caring but accountable environment, so that they can turn their lives around.

Mission Statement

To create the necessary facilities, through fundraising, to help women who have been victims of emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse to rest, recuperate, recover and re-start. The primary aim of the organisation is to imbue these women with a sense of dignity, and to restore them to their rightful place as contributing members of society, for their benefit, the benefit of their families, and the benefit of South Africa as a whole.

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