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Rob Rodell

Okay, so maybe their marriage is a bit like Kim and Kanye’s match made in publicity heaven. It ain’t gonna hurt either of their personal brands. Or maybe she and Jay-Z really love each other. Either way, there’s no denying that Beyoncé is pop royalty – and, like Diana Ross, she is married to a modern-day Motown Berry Gordy.

The gossip mongers are leading us to believe that Beyoncé and Jay are on the rocks, and that her Little Miss “I’m in control of everything and my life is perfect” persona is finally starting to unravel. Be that as it may – and every artist has a scandal at least once in their lives – Ms Knowles’s star continues to shine.

In her heyday as the leading lady of Destiny’s Child a la Diana Ross and the Supremes, she established her mojo with her powerful and beautiful voice, her curvaceous body (B did the twerking thing long ago already – step aside Miley), her ability to write infectious pop ditties, and the drive and determination of one Matthew Knowles, father-in-chief and manager of the Destiny – much to the chagrin of Kelly and Michelle.

But you have to admire Kelly – she obviously wasn’t gonna take it lying down, so she cleverly and strategically positioned herself as a single star in her own right, using Destiny as a springboard for her career too. The Nelly/Kelly combo with Dilemma was a smash hit, and she put David Guetta on the map with When Love Takes Over and practically created a new sub-genre of dance music.

But back to Beyoncé. Motherhood and marriage don’t seem to have slowed her down, she has a slew of Grammys to her name, and she continues to work consistently. Heck, she even helped Barack’s career and scored him presidential kudos. So what does the future hold for Ms Knowles? Whatever troubles may be headed her way (and don’t we all have a few?), she seems like the kind of focused human being who has the wherewithal to keep her act together and carry on.

Anything is possible, but I don’t see a Michael Jackson/Elvis Presley/Amy Winehouse tragedy in Beyoncé’s future – she is just way too level-headed for that. So even if she is headed back to join all the single ladies (oh oh oh), we have to remember that she is a survivor – and she has proven it.

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