Mariska Hamel Realty 

The ultimate home for entertaining

This sumptuous 4-bedroom place with main en-suite bathroom and study is the perfect accoutrement to an upwardly mobile lifestyle. If your address needs to impress, this fab find in a cul-de-sac in Bryanston is ideal.

With a large dining room adjacent the patio with pool, you could easily accommodate up to 40 people with canapés and cocktails. You need to seal that business deal in a digs that lives up to your graft, and it’s time to call this home, baby!

Where is real

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Simon Metcalf Photography 

Once upon a time in the Town of John, there lived a handsome young pillock born of good British stock. He was inevitably bound for the penal colonies, but for the hand of a fair maiden from the House of Marchesi, a woman with a heart of gold whose love of furkids was unmatched in all the land. They were betrothed, in no small part because of their mutual love of di-hydrogen oxide. And ‘twas his good fortune so, for being married to the mob is not without its benefits. Thus he began his charmed and romantic…

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Walter Rocha 

Turning the tide on drugs and alcohol in South Africa

Walt runs an organisation dedicated to helping women escape the damaging cycle of drugs and alcohol, by offering them a viable life alternative. The objective is to raise money for ladies who want to go into rehab but who cannot afford it.

Currently, there is no rehab facility offering specialised care for ladies who find themselves in a dire predicament, burdened with the disease of addiction. In 80% of cases, these women are victims of emotional…

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L Ron Hubbard House 

Whenever people hear the name L. Ron Hubbard, they immediately think “Dianetics” and “Scientology,” which conjures up images of cults filled with brain-washed zombies.

Of course, none of this is true. This is lifestyle of living clean and pure, and of doing good to your fellow human being.

But beyond that, L. Ron Hubbard was a master of many fields. He was a qualified engineer, pilot, and best-selling author whose books were made into movies. He was also a family man with a wife and kids, who made a…

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Business Doctors Corporate - Blog 3 

Branding, glorious branding

It’s been 20 years since Tom Peters coined the term, “The Brand Called You.” The business guru is generally credited with the advent of the personal branding movement.

The truth is, branding has been around for about 4,000 years, and personal branding is as old as the emerging science of marketing itself, so since at least the 1950s. No. Even older. Ever heard of Caesar? Well then, personal branding is at least as old as the Bible.

If you’re a small business, then chances are…

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Business Doctors Corporate - Blog 2 

Business 101: it’s complicated!

Many of you reading this probably already have an MBA, or have been exposed to someone who has one.

MBAs are wonderful to have, but one of their limitations is the “Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none” syndrome that they produce. Don’t get us wrong – we salute people who invested the massive amount of time and money in themselves – but we also know lots of people who didn’t do an MBA and were still successful – possibly because they had lots of help.

Our point is this: an MBA…

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Business Doctors Corporate - Blog 1 

Sometimes your body needs a doctor. Sometimes, so does your business.

Have you ever met a human being who has NEVER been to the doctor? It’s highly, highly unlikely.

The truth is, our bodies, as amazing as they are, are sometimes in need of some TLC. The body is made up of systems, and when they all function together, the body is healthy.

Okay, we know you’re busy, so let’s cut to the chase:

  • The computer is modelled on the human brain.
  • The submarine is modelled on the fish, with its principles of…

Business Doctors Northcliff 

So, what’s the Business Doctors Health Check all about?

They say that strokes are the silent killers, because they sneak up on you with very few warning signs.

Businesses can be the same way: you may not realise how badly your business needs a fixing, before it’s too late. No matter your level of expertise in one area, there are just too many facets of running a company for you to know them all – and even in the event that you do, to run them all.

I did the Health Check with Niree Stanley, and it was a…

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Elna - Annique 

“Mother” must be the single most venerated word in the English language. We have the mother ship, Mother Nature, Mother Earth, the mother of all storms, motherf…. Just making sure you are all still listening.

Anyhoo, Elna from Annique is hosting a Mother’s Day event next Saturday, 5 May, from 2 to 5pm right here at Kleine Constantia – and it’s not just for mothers and ladies. Simon Metcalfe is donning his best perm to be here. Come listen to the genius of Dr Marlena Kruger, together with Elzaan Ahlers…

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Mactron Systems 

For customer engagement, think DADIE

We use concepts like “customer relationship management” to explain how our companies manage their relationships with customers.

While theoretically speaking, all of life is a management system, people don’t like to think of themselves as being managed – it is so cold and impersonal. Rather, we build rapport with our customers, and from that a relationship emerges.

But it is also true that when we don’t invest time and effort in our relationships, they die. For this…

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