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Rob Rodell

The ultimate home for entertaining

This sumptuous 4-bedroom place with main en-suite bathroom and study is the perfect accoutrement to an upwardly mobile lifestyle. If your address needs to impress, this fab find in a cul-de-sac in Bryanston is ideal.

With a large dining room adjacent the patio with pool, you could easily accommodate up to 40 people with canapés and cocktails. You need to seal that business deal in a digs that lives up to your graft, and it’s time to call this home, baby!

Where is real estate headed?

With rising fuel costs, hot desking and agile work spaces, and the proliferation of smart technology, people – especially in a Johannesburg context – are looking to streamline their lives, both in terms of money and time. The closer a home can be to both work and school, the better – and if mom or dad can multi-task by dropping the kids off at school on the way to an appointment, so much the better.

Because of this, homes have to be conveniently located, while also embracing the “away-from-work” work trend. Is it possible to use part of the lounge as a home office, or does a study still do the trick? What about space to hold business meetings, if required, in a space that is separate from the rest of the house?

Globally, the trend is also towards smaller, while in a local context gated communities are viewed as the safer option, with shared facilities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool and other amenities.

For the perfect solution to your specific need, contact Mariska Hamel Realty. She’s just the right person to find your ideal space.

What makes Mariska Hamel Realty different?

There is still a perception that selling property is both easy and glamorous. Actually, it is neither – and yet, we all need a place where we can lay our heads down to rest in the evening.

The first thing that Mariska brings to the table is a long and proven track record. If it’s longevity you want, Mariska has it in spades. She has been successfully selling homes and broking property for over a decade already.

The second thing is understanding. Mariska really cares about her clients, and seeks to help them find the best possible solution to their problem, whether they are buying or selling. Anybody who has heard her talk knows that she cares about helping people find their new abode.

Finally, Mariska works with the best. As part of Keller Williams, an international brand which is also the largest real estate company in the world, Mariska is at the helm of her profession, in an organisation which is at the helm of theirs.

Give Mariska a try. We doubt that you’ll be anything other than impressed.

Once upon a time in the Town of John, there lived a handsome young pillock born of good British stock. He was inevitably bound for the penal colonies, but for the hand of a fair maiden from the House of Marchesi, a woman with a heart of gold whose love of furkids was unmatched in all the land. They were betrothed, in no small part because of their mutual love of di-hydrogen oxide. And ‘twas his good fortune so, for being married to the mob is not without its benefits. Thus he began his charmed and romantic life shooting people.

Turning the tide on drugs and alcohol in South Africa

Walt runs an organisation dedicated to helping women escape the damaging cycle of drugs and alcohol, by offering them a viable life alternative. The objective is to raise money for ladies who want to go into rehab but who cannot afford it.

Currently, there is no rehab facility offering specialised care for ladies who find themselves in a dire predicament, burdened with the disease of addiction. In 80% of cases, these women are victims of emotional, physical or sexual abuse, or all three.

The end goal is to start opening ladies-only facilities where they can get the help and support they so desperately need, in a nurturing and caring but accountable environment, so that they can turn their lives around.

Mission Statement

To create the necessary facilities, through fundraising, to help women who have been victims of emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse to rest, recuperate, recover and re-start. The primary aim of the organisation is to imbue these women with a sense of dignity, and to restore them to their rightful place as contributing members of society, for their benefit, the benefit of their families, and the benefit of South Africa as a whole.

Whenever people hear the name L. Ron Hubbard, they immediately think “Dianetics” and “Scientology,” which conjures up images of cults filled with brain-washed zombies.

Of course, none of this is true. This is lifestyle of living clean and pure, and of doing good to your fellow human being.

But beyond that, L. Ron Hubbard was a master of many fields. He was a qualified engineer, pilot, and best-selling author whose books were made into movies. He was also a family man with a wife and kids, who made a global impact – just like you can.

So if you’re looking to be inspired in your life, pay a visit to L. Ron Hubbard House. It’s free, and your soul might just thank you.

Branding, glorious branding

It’s been 20 years since Tom Peters coined the term, “The Brand Called You.” The business guru is generally credited with the advent of the personal branding movement.

The truth is, branding has been around for about 4,000 years, and personal branding is as old as the emerging science of marketing itself, so since at least the 1950s. No. Even older. Ever heard of Caesar? Well then, personal branding is at least as old as the Bible.

If you’re a small business, then chances are your business brand’s fortune is inextricably linked to your personal brand. In some cases, they may even be one and the same. So Joe Soap Consulting is just that: Joe Soap as the consultant. Many a personal brand has lent his/her name to an even bigger concern. Think Walt Disney, or the Oprah Winfrey Network, or even Donald Trump!

But whether you are your company brand, or your personal and company brands are separated, you as a person have a digital brand footprint. And, like it or not, it tends to follow you around in cyberspace.

Yes, so what? Who cares? Ah, therein lies the rub: most people KNOW this, but don’t DO anything about it. You see, managing your personal brand, and how it works in cyberspace, is an altogether different story. Stay tuned next week for more insights on you and your PB.

Business 101: it’s complicated!

Many of you reading this probably already have an MBA, or have been exposed to someone who has one.

MBAs are wonderful to have, but one of their limitations is the “Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none” syndrome that they produce. Don’t get us wrong – we salute people who invested the massive amount of time and money in themselves – but we also know lots of people who didn’t do an MBA and were still successful – possibly because they had lots of help.

Our point is this: an MBA will teach you a bit about marketing, finance, business management and operations. But often it’s not enough – the general knowledge can get you started, but when you are faced with a complex problem that requires a much more in-depth knowledge of a situation, you might find yourself stuck. So let’s say that even though you studied marketing in the MBA programme, but suddenly you find yourself in the throes of a complex business, with lots of competition, stiff business headwinds and loads of disruptive innovation, how do you create sustainable competitive advantage for your brand? What does that even mean?

Fear not! Rule Number 1 is always follow your nose, and your heart. Begin with what you know. Rule 2 would be to ask yourself a quality question so that your brain starts to scan its horizons for solutions.

Finally, Rule 3 is, do what you love. Your years of experience (either past or future), and your love of what you do, will ultimately see you through. Any business is rough. Man (or woman) up, pick yourself up after a cuppa, and just keep going…

Sometimes your body needs a doctor. Sometimes, so does your business.

Have you ever met a human being who has NEVER been to the doctor? It’s highly, highly unlikely.

The truth is, our bodies, as amazing as they are, are sometimes in need of some TLC. The body is made up of systems, and when they all function together, the body is healthy.

Okay, we know you’re busy, so let’s cut to the chase:

  • The computer is modelled on the human brain.
  • The submarine is modelled on the fish, with its principles of ballast.
  • The piston of the internal combustion engine is modelled on the leg, which is designed to move us forward.
  • The aeroplane is modelled on the bird, especially in terms of how the wing produces lift.
  • The business is modelled on a body system, like the cardio-vascular system.

When all the elements of the system work, your business flows. But if part of the system is not functioning, then the business suffers.

One of the biggest challenges of a business is the ability to see it objectively. When you’re at the coalface every day, it’s sometimes important to step away from the fray and look with an impartial mindset. When things don’t work, a fresh pair of eyes is maybe what you need, to help you gain some perspective, to look holistically, to develop “helicopter vision.”

That’s where Business Doctors can lend you a hand…

So, what’s the Business Doctors Health Check all about?

They say that strokes are the silent killers, because they sneak up on you with very few warning signs.

Businesses can be the same way: you may not realise how badly your business needs a fixing, before it’s too late. No matter your level of expertise in one area, there are just too many facets of running a company for you to know them all – and even in the event that you do, to run them all.

I did the Health Check with Niree Stanley, and it was a real eye-opener. I have a master’s degree in marketing, and I think I’m quite a bright chap (yes, modesty is not one of my virtues). But I can honestly say that the minute I sat down with Niree, I knew there was so much I wasn’t doing – both because I just hadn’t got round to it, and because I simply didn’t know. I am big on self-education and personal growth, so I often know a lot about a lot of stuff. Even so, the Health Check put things into perspective.

That leads me to another point: maybe it’s not so much a question of you not knowing as it is one of you not doing. As a marketing expert, I often find it particularly challenging to turn my expert hand on myself, and practice what I preach. It’s the old saying of “Physician, heal thyself,” or “The cobbler’s children never have any shoes.”

I could bore you with the psychology of that – fear of failure, fear of success… whatever it is, the Health Check was time well spent. Even experts need a helping hand every now and then.

Rob Rodell, marketing consultant

Ready for that dose of reality? It could save your business.

I run a graphic design company, which I absolutely love. After graduating with a degree and working for a number of companies, I eventually decided to launch out on my own.

It wasn’t long before I reached a plateau, and although I was doing okay, I wasn’t doing fantastically. I felt that I loved what I did (I still do), and my clients all knew that, so I was baffled as to why I just wasn’t growing.

I did a personal session with Niree Stanley, and it was a butt kicking of note! Niree is lovely and kind, and very friendly, but she told me the tough things that I needed to hear.

You might have heard the concept of things you know you know, things you know you don’t know, and things you don’t know you don’t know. Well, in my case, it was a bit of all three.

I can confidently say that I learnt so much from Niree that it convinced me enough to continue the process with Business Doctors.

Chantel de Lange, graphic designer

“Mother” must be the single most venerated word in the English language. We have the mother ship, Mother Nature, Mother Earth, the mother of all storms, motherf…. Just making sure you are all still listening.

Anyhoo, Elna from Annique is hosting a Mother’s Day event next Saturday, 5 May, from 2 to 5pm right here at Kleine Constantia – and it’s not just for mothers and ladies. Simon Metcalfe is donning his best perm to be here. Come listen to the genius of Dr Marlena Kruger, together with Elzaan Ahlers, Niree Stanley and moi. Tickets R150 available from Elna.

I’m Rob Rodell, I’m a writer, and Elna is one of my clients.

For customer engagement, think DADIE

We use concepts like “customer relationship management” to explain how our companies manage their relationships with customers.

While theoretically speaking, all of life is a management system, people don’t like to think of themselves as being managed – it is so cold and impersonal. Rather, we build rapport with our customers, and from that a relationship emerges.

But it is also true that when we don’t invest time and effort in our relationships, they die. For this reason, we need to ENGAGE with customers – and the most effective way to do that, is to have a system in place.

DADIE is a tailor-made database system that allows you to connect with your customers on an ongoing basis. It can help you to place, manage and track orders; stay in touch with customers; rank customers from frequent to casual users so that you can incentivise and reward purchase behaviour; keep track of important dates like customer birthdays; make special notes on personalised customer needs; and much more.

The system is designed to manage all of these things for you, freeing up time for you to go and build your business.

So, next time you want to grow your customer base, think DADIE.

For more, please contact Henry on henry@mactron.co.za.

Don’t MANAGE customers – ENGAGE them!

DADIE is a database system that helps you build a relationship with your customer:

  • Place, manage and track orders
  • Upsell casual users to frequent users
  • Reward & incentivise purchase behaviour
  • Communicate with customers
  • Remember customer birthdays & automate communication
  • Personalise packages for specific customer needs
  • Track cashflow

If you’re looking to grow your business, have a chat with Henry about your database: henry@mactron.co.za.

Packages from as little as R300 per month.


Winter smog…

We like to calculate the seasons based on astronomy. So, we use the solstices and the equinoxes as our midpoints. By that calculation, the midpoint of winter is almost upon us. On 21 June, we will experience the shortest day and the longest night – the point at which, because of the tilt of Earth’s axis, we in the Southern Hemisphere are furthest away from the direct rays of the sun, which is why we experience winter.

Of course, this also means we are at our coldest. For those who live inland in big cities, you will have noticed the layer of brown air hanging over the cities. This is partly a legacy of apartheid – people in the former townships who never had access to electricity used to burn wood and use coal-fired stoves to cook and stay warm. It still happens today, even though large areas now have electricity.

However, what happens more and more these days is that people burn their trash, both to get rid of it, and also to stay warm in areas where people have less money. Of course, we at Tedcor know this is bad for two reasons: first, people only burn trash if it’s not being effectively managed, which is where we come in; second, trash is often made up of highly toxic materials like polystyrene and plastic, which, when set alight, release noxious gases into the air that we breathe.

At Tedcor, we encourage you not to burn your trash. Rather recycle as much as you can, and then throw the rest into rubbish bins for safe and hygienic removal.

Petrol’s gone up again! Use your trash to save money.

In early June 2018, South Africa’s petrol price skyrocketed to record levels of over R15 a litre. The unfortunate consequence is that this usually leads to an increase in the price of everything – especially consumable goods like food, which need to be transported to points of sale.

While petrol price increases may be good for reduced carbon emissions (assuming people switch to public transport or use their cars less because of fuel prices), it’s bad for the budget, which is why it’s important to save as much as possible.

How? Well, just follow the Tedcor mantra: reduce, re-use, recycle!

Do you ever just throw away your plastic packets after a trip to the supermarket? Always recycle and re-use these bags, or switch to organic environmental bags. How many times do you buy food in plastic containers, and then just throw them away? Instead of spending money on expensive Tupperware-type products, simply use the plastic that you have already bought food in.

Every cent helps. So if you just recycle every piece of trash that you can, you might even be able to offset the petrol price increase by saving the same amount of money.

What are S’Camtho and Thandanani doing these school holidays?

Tedcor’s new Teddy Bears, papa S’Camtho and baby girl Thandanani, are gearing up for the holidays in June/July. S’Camtho is a smart dad (who will be enjoying Father’s Day in June), and he always makes sure that his awesome daughter Thandanani is not being idle all holiday long.

Yes, of course there will be time for leisure and fun, after a long term of hard work at school – but this will not just be a holiday of vegging out all day watching TV and playing on the smartphone.

Every morning, S’Camtho will ask Thandanani to clean her room, and separate her trash: sweet wrappers will go into a rubbish bag used exclusively for plastic; magazines that her mom bought for her will be recycled to the dentist and doctor’s rooms for patients to read while they are waiting, or to a home for senior citizens so that the elderly folk have some new reading material; underclothes and socks will go into the wash for cleaning, but pants and shirts that are not dirty can be separated and re-worn, to save water.

In addition, S’Camto has asked Thandanani to make the family dinner once a week, to prepare her, as she gets older, to look after her own family one day. This will teach her to be responsible, and mom will supervise so that she doesn’t get injured. She will be tasked with clearing the fridge of all excess foods and creating a dish, in conjunction with her dad, made exclusively of left-overs and food that is still fresh but may get spoiled if not used.

Thandanani will collect any rubbish that has blown into the Tedcor Bear garden overnight, which will be cleared up and put into the bin, for weekly rubbish collection. Once Thandanani has completed all her chores, S’Camto will run her down the road for a take-away meal (where all rubbish will be recycled), and after that, Thandanani can watch a movie, go play with her friends, or connect with them on her phone.

It should be an exciting holiday!

Trash 2 Trends: Orlando rules

The city of Orlando in Florida in the United States is best known as the home of Walt Disney World, the mega-theme park that is a major global tourist destination.

However, the city has also pioneered an annual fashion show based on clothing designed exclusively from trash that was destined for the landfill. Called Trash 2 Trends, the event is presented by the local SeaWorld, as a fundraiser for the Keep Orlando Beautiful movement. 2018 marked the fifth year of the event, which has become a rather shi-shi affair of glam haute couture.

What makes Trash 2 Trends, branded as “a recycled runway show,” such a smashing success, is that it both raises awareness of how to recycle rubbish, while at the same time educating people to end their penchant for being a throw-away culture.

Well, we at Tedcor just LOVE the idea, and we think it’s high time we stole it and used it in South Africa. Perhaps a deliciously trashy affair at the upcoming Durban July? Or how about a nice innovative event for Soweto? We’re throwing down the gauntlet for Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban to pick up the trend and give it a truly African spin!

Please click here to view details of the Orlando event: http://www.cityoforlando.net/publicworks/keep-orlando-beautiful/trash-2-trends/

Johannesburg will be a megacity within 10 years

The United Nations predicts that before the year 2030, barely 10 years from now, Johannesburg will become a megacity, defined as an urban area with more than 10 million people – and that excludes Pretoria and the Vaal Triangle. Gulp!

This will make the city one of the 50 largest in the world, and one of the 4 largest in Africa.

Of course, this will mean more opportunities for people to create a better life, and it will also mean lots more people, consuming lots more products, and thus producing tons and tons of extra waste.

This is good business for Tedcor with its specific focus on enterprise development and empowering formerly disadvantaged communities, but it will place greater strain on the city and its institutions, and therefore its residents.

“While we are the home of sexy waste management,” says Verona Ismail, CEO of Tedcor, “we are also acutely aware that our mandate is not just to collect waste, but also to educate people on creating less of it, so that we can keep the city’s green lungs clean, dispose of waste quickly and efficiently, and create a healthier environment for all people.”

Cape Town, Durban and many of the country’s other cities are also growing rapidly – not to mention the behemoth urban areas in other parts of Africa, so we have our work cut out for us!

New video puts Tedcor into perspective in just 3 minutes

Tedcor’s new website comes complete with its own video – and that’s good news for people in a hurry. The new flick puts Tedcor’s value proposition forward in just a sort span of time, meaning that potential clients of Tedcor and the community at large can interface with the company and get a quick overview of what it is all about.

“When I was originally encouraged to do the video,” says Verona Ismail, CEO of Tedcor, “I had my reservations. Firstly, I am an accountant by nature, not a TV presenter! Secondly, I didn’t want this to be some shiny corporate toy. I really wanted it to be about the people that we serve – both our sub-contractors, who do the waste management work for us, and our clients and the communities where we clean up the streets.”

The video ably achieves that aim, in that it sums Tedcor up in just three words: reduce, re-use, recycle. On another level, it also espouses corporate good governance, community, and conservation.

“We are the home of sexy waste management,” Ismail concludes. “It is thrilling to get up and help people, while also helping the environment, and getting paid for doing what we love. We like to think our video helps people see how we turn trash into treasure.”

Please view the video here:

It’s Matric Dance time. How can your school use its trash?

All over the country, young scholars are gearing up for Matric exams as we fast approach the second half of the year. In between all that studying, these pretty young things will don silk and chiffon, lace and Lapis Lazuli, and collar and cummerbund, to make the best impression they can as they dance the night away.

Choosing the theme is always a big deal, as is the decoration of the hall where the party is going to happen. And Tedcor is laying down a challenge for schools, to re-use their waste to make the dance hall props and decorations.

Under The Sea? A Night at The Proms? Bonfire of the Vanities? Whatever your theme, just how creatively can you recycle 2-litre plastic bottles to mimic the ocean bubbles, or the stars in the heavens? Just how smartly can you take soda cans and turn them into an entrance arch, or a corner display, or a backdrop for photos?

Give it some thought, and please send us your pics! We’d love to see how and what you did.

Litter bug, litter bug, you’re not creating jobs…

A video recently went viral on Facebook, where a man in a family car started throwing trash out of the window at a traffic stop. The driver of another car stopped behind him grabbed some of the rubbish and threw it back into his car, but not before scolding him for being so inconsiderate and selfish. The culprit sheepishly alighted from his car and went to collect the rest of the trash – and just as well, because the area was pristinely beautiful and unspoilt.

Are we guilty of such offences? There is a perception in South Africa that by simply dumping trash, we are creating jobs for cleaners. But is this really the case, or is that just an excuse for our own laziness and bad habits, that have led to us becoming ill-mannered?

This is a major concern with the construction of the new Wild Coast Toll Road on the N2 between Durban and East London, where two new massive bridges will ford unspoilt ravines and gorges. The bridges will include viewing decks of the magnificent landscape below. Let us hope that some hooligan doesn’t decide to “create jobs” by throwing rubbish down into the ravines, for that would spoil the unparalleled beauty of this place we call home.

Tedcor introduces its own Teddy Bears

Waste management company Tedcor has introduced its own set of Teddy Bears to inspire the youth to pay more attention to global environmental concerns.

“We really liked the idea of playing the company name ‘Tedcor’ off of the ‘Teddy Bear’ because of the natural fit in terms of the similarity of name and the global popularity and association of the bear,” says Verona Ismail, CEO of Tedcor. “Our research led us to the US President after whom the bear was originally named, Theodore Roosevelt. To our delight and surprise, we found out that he was a champion of environmental causes in a time when there was no official environmental movement. The synergies between the Teddy and what Tedcor does in terms of waste management convinced us it was a winner.”

After engaging with staff to help choose names for the new bear duo, the two most popular names were S’Camtho for the Papa Bear and Thandanani for his daughter. The names mean “togetherness” for the dad and “empowering people” for the daughter, which speak to the character strengths of each bear – dads tend to bring families together, while kids are the future and need to be nurtured and empowered.

“We like to think of them as ‘mascots for the movement,’” Ismail shares. “In previously disadvantaged communities, environmental care is not regarded as a high priority. South Africa has a large population of young people, so it is our belief that our bears will resonate with this youth and get our message of waste management across, so that kids can learn how to look after their immediate environment. They are our future, so the message starts with them.”

It’s time to go on a plastic diet…

Did you know there are three massive islands of plastic floating in the world’s three largest oceans – the Indian, the Atlantic and the Pacific? Sadly, this plastic often ends up in the mouths of sea creatures looking for food. And because Earth is made up of 70% water, the mounting plastic epidemic is actually a catastrophe.

While global initiatives are under way to retrieve this plastic and recycle it, here’s what you can do, right at home or work, to reduce your plastic usage:

  1. Take plastic packets from your last trip to the shop with you next time, instead of buying new ones. You’ll save lots of money if you add up all your shopping trips.
  2. Use environmentally friendly shopping bags that you buy and then re-use instead of buying new bags.
  3. Collect your plastic bags and give them away to a charity shop, to use when they sell second-hand goods. Bounty Hunters in 4th St, Melville, Johannesburg, is always looking for extra bags. Contact Gail at the store.
  4. When you go for take-away or buy coffee to go, tell the staff that you don’t need plastic cutlery. When you get home or to the office, use the normal cutlery instead.
  5. When you order drinks at a restaurant, the waiter usually brings a new straw every time you get a new drink. Give the new straws back and use the one from your previous drink again and again.
  6. Take your own dishes to the take-away joint where you buy your food, and tell them you don’t need the polystyrene. They will think you are weird, but you will make all the difference.
  7. Recycle all your cling wrap and re-use wherever possible.
  8. Try not to take plastic bottles and bags with you to the beach.
  9. When you’re at the beach, be a good citizen and pick up 3 pieces of rubbish whenever you are there, even if it’s not yours. Be sure to throw it away so it won’t blow back into the sea. People will see your example and may follow suit.

For more tips and tricks on reducing your plastic usage, and also what to do with glass, paper and metal, please connect with the relevant page on Tedcor’s website here:

Flush less? Are you nuts? Eeeeew!

As of April 2018, the Vaal Dam is 100% full. The recent rains over the northern part of the country belie the fact that, essentially, South Africa is a dry country. This was echoed by government authorities, who warned consumers to use water sparingly in light of the impending winter and the water crisis in Cape Town. This may seem ridiculous, given the dam levels, but the 2015/16 drought was the worst ever recorded in the history of South Africa, since rainfall measurements began in the mid- to late-1800s.

When Durban was hit by massive floods in 1987, the four water pipes that served large parts of the city were severed by a deluge of water, ironically, cutting off fresh supplies to the country’s third-largest metro area. Residents came up with a little rhyme to remind them to use less water: “If it’s yellow let it mellow; if it’s brown flush it down.” The very notion sounds rather gross, but the average toilet cistern uses 25 litres of water every time you flush. If you consider that Cape Town residents have been restricted to just 50 litres a day per person, that’s only 2 flushes!

Part of Tedcor’s mandate is to not just recycle waste, but also conserve water. In a future blog we will be sharing how you can make better use of your grey water.

Elon Musk can keep Mars. We love Earth.

Ex-South African billionaire Elon Musk’s Space X programme is busy designing craft that will ferry the first humans to Mars. Reports suggest Musk believes colonising other planets is the only way we can ensure the survival of the human race. He’s not alone in his thinking. A prominent human behavioural specialist has been quoted as saying, “We need to destroy the Earth, in order to give us the momentum and the drive to find new worlds to ensure our survival.”

Well, we at Tedcor do not agree with this philosophy at all! Why can’t the intrepid space travellers go forth and find new worlds, while the homebodies and tree huggers stay on terra firma and preserve the mother planet? We do not believe that the two paradigms need to be mutually exclusive – there is, after all, a place in the sun for everyone.

As such, Tedcor will continue to preach its message of reduce, re-use, recycle, to ensure we preserve our beautiful planet until the Sun decides it’s time to explode.

The stage is set for the ultimate social gathering. You have invited five of your swankiest friends to lunch, two of whom are responsible for 80% of your business turnover. You’ve dusted off the bone-handle cutlery, and laid the table with your finest china.

You emerge victorious from the kitchen carrying the pièce de résistance, your signature watercress and egg salad. You’re about to drizzle your famous organic honey mustard dressing on top when suddenly, with terror and surprise, like Stukas from World War 2, German cockroaches punch their way through the leaves, waving at everyone with their feelers. Your friends let out a collective cacophony of shrieks as they scatter from the table, while you hyperventilate into your crystal wineglass.

You’ve just committed a mortal social sin, a gaffe, the definitive faux pas. You have some serious egg on your face. You wouldn’t normally mind since it makes such a great face mask, but you’re terrified the roaches have also crawled across the egg…

Of course, none of this would have happened if you’d just placed one simple phone call to deadly Hedley from Bafuté.

We all know the famed fable of Cinderella, who, with the help of the Fairy Godmother, was transformed from the dowdy charlady into the shining belle of the ball.

What we don’t know is that she had the help of Elzaan Ahlers, the owner of Enchanté, 1 of just 3 beauty salons in Johannesburg that offers the revolutionary Lift-O-Form Pressotherapy Machine.

Elzaan’s fancy machine assists the body’s detoxification process by aiding with lymphatic drainage. In doing so, it oxygenates and revitalises organ tissue to drain away stress, clean toxins out of the body from a lack of sleep and eating on auto-pilot, and promotes better blood circulation. As a result, the legs, arms and tummy become more shapely, while the skin glistens like it’s been freshly polished.

If you were ever considering a pampering for yourself or someone you love, now is the time. Hitch your horse to that pumpkin and pop along to Enchanté for some relaxation, slimming, a detox and muscle toning all in one. It’s the perfect gift for moms this Mother’s Day – at a really good price.

Make an appointment with Elzaan on 082 217 2482. We suspect it will dramatically decrease the number of frogs you have to kiss, in order to find your prince – or princess! Who says Prince Charming didn’t have Enchanté on speed dial?

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It was Winston Churchill who said, in the darkest hour of World War 2, “Never in the field of human conflict, was so much owed by so many to so few.”

We are in a Herculean battle very similar to that one, and it’s happening right under our noses, right as we speak. The few, of course, are the rhinos. The many are us, the human race, who bear witness to the wanton destruction of Earth’s most precious resource: its wildlife. The human conflict is between those who want rhino horn for its seemingly mystical properties as an aphrodisiac in the east, and those who know that the horn is simply matted hair, of no good use to anyone except the rhinos, and that there are only so many rhinos you can kill before they are all gone.

In the midst of all this frustration and despair, one brave young girl has proudly raised her head and decided to make this her life’s mission, her purpose, the cause for which she strives. It’s admirable, it makes you want to cheer from the sidelines, and it’s the kind of stuff that gives you a big old lump in the throat.

Her name is Alyssa Carter, and this is her raison d’être.

She first heard about the plight of the rhinos when she was in Grade 1, as part of the school curriculum. In the spiritual life of every human, there is a moment when that person’s purpose is born. This was Alyssa’s. She approached her parents, Brian and Natalie, and told them she wanted to do something. In her own words, “I want to see rhinos when I am older. I don’t want them to be extinct.”

This young lady has been so successful that she has been fully endorsed by the SANParks Honorary Rangers, an institution that has been around for more than 50 years, and which is the preferred fund-raising channel for the South African National Parks. She has even designed and created her very own mascot as an ambassador for the cause – Rosetta the Rhino.

Alyssa, young as she is, is teaching us as adults that you can make a difference, even if you are only one person. We are all parents in some way – either to our own children, our furkids, nieces and nephews, or our adoptive children. Sometimes we need to be reminded to stop and smell the roses, to escape the complexity of life and just let the innocence of a child’s dream wash over us. Now is that time.

So, just how can you help?

  • Firstly, buy a chocolate! Alyssa sells them to raise money. If you know someone with a sweet tooth, this is a delectably indulgent gift. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter and other special occasions all make the perfect excuse to support this worthy cause.
  • For those who are watching their figure and/or are concerned about the huge amount of sugar we all consume, a donation in lieu of chocolates bought would be most welcome, thank you.
  • You can also buy children’s books penned by Alyssa, hand-painted ceramic rhinos, stickers, knitted rhinos, coffee and more. We’re confident we have a gift that suits you, and if not, we will make one!
  • Get your kids involved, and turn this into a family activity. If your children are interested in wildlife, then this is a fabulous opportunity.
  • Please spread the word. As parents, we all have a network, and we all work with other people. When we turn our focus outwards in the service of others, we live more fulfilled and complete lives, and we teach our children to do the same.
  • Alyssa also speaks at corporate functions, golf days, conferences, schools and events – any and every opportunity to create awareness would be most welcome, thank you.

So if you were ever looking for a cause where you could lay your hat, make it this one. It just oozes feel-good, and you will be making a huge difference for the unborn generations who follow in Alyssa’s footsteps. For in the immortal words of Chief Seattle, the Native American after whom the city is named, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

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Facebook: Alyssa’s Save the Rhino’s

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Hey Kids!

We need your help J.

We want to save Rosetta the Rhino and all the other rhinos, so that one day kids like you will still be able to see them.

Please help us by buying a chocolate, book, rhino toy or sticker.

You can also make a donation to support the guys who stop rhino poaching.

Thank you for caring! Have a great day J.



Facebook: Alyssa’s Save the Rhino’s

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“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything” – Albert Einstein

Join Alyssa and Save the Rhino today!

Find out more right here at this venue, or visit www.savetherhinos.co.za

Facebook: Alyssa’s Save the Rhino’s

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