From the recording Could This Be Love?

This is the original version of the song, before Cuebur got his hands on it and turned it into a hit. The song originally started to grow legs when I was on holiday in Umdloti in 2006. It really speaks of my inner struggle between love and hatred, lust and carnal desire, the spirit and the flesh, between the head and the heart. It is, I suppose, typical of the dichotomy that artists feel, running the gamut of the emotional spectrum that makes artists who they are. This sounds morbid, but if I could choose, I would have opted to NOT exist in the first place. I think the world is a messed up place! But, I have been given life, so I want to choose to celebrate it, always trying to be grateful for the many blessings I have in my life.


Verse 1: My life has always been a mess, oh but lately there's been more distress 'Cause my mind is the battlefield, and my body is the war I'm in too deep, I don't think I can take this anymore Chorus: I just don't know what or where to do, my loneliness is because of you Why do you take me for a fool? Could this be love? Verse 2: So now I'm in a world of sin, and I really want it, want to give in 'Cause my thoughts they keep a-hauntin' me, don't know how to make it through And my only hope is holdin' onto you Chorus