Curtains & Cameras, Act II: Songs of Stage & Screen

Rob Rodell

The follow-up album to Act I. If you love show tunes, be they on TV, at the movies, or in the theater, then this may just be the album for you!

I love watching a good movie or DVD, because for me it offers the ultimate escapism. This year (2012) I was privileged enough to hone my craft by taking some drama lessons, which included a stint on TV. So it is an absolute pleasure to introduce you to ten songs for Curtains & Cameras Act II, with another helping of songs that have adorned the silver screen, the little screen, or the red curtains of the theater. I am very, very proud that four of them are originals, to be included in a future musical that I am slowly putting together, in between my album releases.

This album also includes remakes of two songs that I adore: "Oh What A Night (December 1963)" and "Don't Rain On My Parade," both quite different from the originals. Love them or hate them, these are songs that I thoroughly enjoy singing, and the latter helped me pass my licentiate in singing back in 2009 with distinction.

The voice is raw and rough on these songs, far from the polished albums of some of my other work, which lends a totally different color to the album - and it is mostly comprised of upbeat songs. I hope that you will enjoy my interpretation of the songs, which include "Why Do Fools Fall In Love," such a catchy track from the 50's originally, and "I Can See Clearly Now," a great song for the soul if things are looking a little gloomy and glum.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. As always, Musica, grata Deo.

This album is dedicated to the great Norwegian designer Negrüj Soor, whom I love and love and love, from time immemorial, to time unending, no matter our fates...

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