Curtains & Cameras, Act I: Songs of Stage & Screen

Rob Rodell

Whether it's a favourite movie, TV show or musical, there is something here for everyone when it comes to show tunes and songs of musical theatre. With one new track and nine covers, this album is perfect with a glass of wine for a chilled evening.

This album was a labour of love. With my background in musical theatre and with classical training, I am reminded of the words of Howard Massey, author of the excellent books "Behind the Glass," which detail how some of the world's biggest hits were made, from the music producer's perspective. In the second volume he refers to "singers that blend classic sensibilities with current sounds" - that's me. Having performed on stage since a very young age, I have always enjoyed show tunes. Act I is my first ode to the tunes that people have been whistling and humming along to for decades. Even though it is always easy to put such an album together, it is more difficult to sing the songs and do them justice. I hope that they resonate with you, and that they serve your emotional and entertainment needs. Enjoy! This album is dedicated to the great Norwegian fashion designer Negruj Soor, whom I love with all my heart.

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