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Rob Rodell is a singer-songwriter, performing artist, professional speaker, music academic, entrepreneur, vocal coach, writer, author, blogger and marketing expert.

A polymath, he has embraced the multi-faceted nature of the skills he can offer. Welcome to his website.

Hello and welcome to gold-selling artist and SAMA nominee Rob Rodell's website! Power vocals. A class act. Music to put you in touch with yourself. Rob "Reverb" Rodell is a South African Music Award (SAMA) nominated singer-songwriter who fuses contemporary classical styles with dance, house, pop, rock and Afro-pop. It's like Josh Groban being married to Madonna. This is a big man with a big voice.

Rob's biggest hit to date was the smash "Could This Be Love" with Cuebur & Shimza. Rob wrote the song and did the vocals, Cuebur produced the masterpiece, and Shimza took it to the people. The result was a gold-selling single that has become a bit of a classic in the House market.

Rob wears two musical hats: the classical crossover music style, due to his classically trained voice (that's the Josh Groban part - the 'constant' in Rob's music), and then the dynamic, ever-changing follow-the-trend music style (that's the Madonna part - the 'variable' in Rob's music). If you like Josh, the chameleon-esque always-changing style of Madonna, Freddie Mercury, Elton John, Mika, Rick Astley, or just a dash of opera, you'll probably find something in Rob's music that you like too. Thanks for taking time out of your day to connect with Rob. Have fun...